Welcome to the Men's Space!

We are located in Nummenmäki, Turku in the premises of Monipalvelukeskus Tsemppi (Vanha Hämeentie 29). Our aim is to increase men´s well being through meaningful group activity. We wish to have both native Finnish and immigrated men and exchange students from different age groups and life situations to join our activity. Activities are instructed and at low cost.

Kuva Futsal Kuva kallio Kuva Biljardi

Opening hours:

•  Mon 14-18 Open meeting point (T-talo)

•  Tue 14-16 Trips/Groups/Sports

•  Wed 14-16 Trips/Groups/Sports

•  Thu 14-16 Trips/Groups/Sports

Please see below our programme for upcoming weeks!

Miehille ohjelma

Kuva Melonta


In the men´s group you can get new friends, experience exciting trips, participate in many kinds of sports an learn Finnish in practice. Our activity is participant centered and you are welcomed to join develop our activity further.

Our activities can be roughly divided in two categories: open doors and activity groups.

Open doors

You can drop by to our café when ever you like to drink coffee/tea, chat with the people, read newspapers or just hang out. We offer daily newspapers, billiard, ping pong, tv, free coffee, board and other games.

Activity groups

Through our activity you can participate in many interesting groups. We have weekly groups and groups that gather only once in a month. We have pool group, bowling group, gym group, sports group and gaming group just to mention few of them. We also do trips to forest, go fishing and get to know more of the culture in Turku.

Participating is fully voluntary and you can decide how much you like to be involved. I’m sure you are interested so come and drop by to learn more. For more information you can also visit our Facebook and Instagram site or you can contact directly to our instructors. Welcome!

Leaflet in english


Louhesto Perttu

Vastaava ohjaaja

050 434 3991

Lindroth Markus


050 406 6222

Did you know you can find us on Facebook and Instagram too!


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